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Youth bright summer camp

The Youth Bright Summer Camp Program will be a week long, stress and judgement-free experience at Camp Twin Lakes in Winder, GA, for youth ages 8-18. It will include lodging, meals, and all the fun wonderful activities associated with summer camp. 


youth bright employment program

The Youth Bright Employment Program is where we will set up some of the youth we serve with job interviews, through partnerships we have with local businesses.

Business owner in workshop.
Female therapist is taking notes on a couch to the left of another woman with her back turned.


youth bright Scholarship Fund

The Youth Bright Scholarship Fund Program is designed to alleviate the costs associated with receiving treatment from licensed mental health professionals. This could be the cost of therapy, medications, insurance, or other related costs and treatments. 


youth bright interactive public education

The Youth Bright Interactive Public Education Program includes public speaking engagements, classes, conferences, and seminars where the speakers will be licensed mental health professionals. There will also be a mentorship program.

Man has his back turned and is speaking to a crowd.
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