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Youth Bright Foundation logo.

The Youth Bright Foundation was founded by Richard Riner, an entrepreneur from the great city of Watkinsville, Georgia. The idea for this nonprofit is a simple one: happier, healthier youth make for happier, healthier adults. As stated in our mission, the goal is the early intervention among youth and young adults, between the ages of 8-29, who are living with mental health issues, and to provide them with the necessary resources. Our focus is to create a world where young people have the tools to recognize the warning signs, face their fears, openly speak up, know exactly where and how to seek help, and formulate a plan to live their best lives. We want to encourage a lifetime of happier, healthier individuals through conversation, and to forever remove the stigma that surrounds mental health issues. We are also pushing for mental health to be at the forefront of mainstream, and inspire entire generations to speak up and speak out about these important issues.

The best part about Youth Bright is the team of people behind it that serves its purpose. There are carefully selected board members, all of whom are well-informed, passionate, and believe in the mission and values of Youth Bright. These people are willing to sacrifice their own personal time in an effort to give back to a struggling community in need. In addition to board members, the lifeblood of any nonprofit is the help and support received from its volunteers. It is because of these selfless people that Youth Bright can exist to deliver our vital programs and serve the community.

our team

Youth Bright Foundation logo.

Richard Riner


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Mary-Catherine McClain


Scott Lewis

Vice President

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Jordan Jager 


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Josie Dennis

Program and Fundraising Coordinator

Jaeyoung Wi


Youth Bright Foundation logo.
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